Volumez Joins AWS Marketplace to Provide Unmatched Data Infrastructure Performance and Resilience with New Economics for Kubernetes and Virtual Machines

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. Nov 28th, 2023 -- Volumez, a revolutionary modern cloud data infrastructure company, today announced its availability in the AWS Marketplace, which provides services and solutions for managing AWS cloud data infrastructure.

Through the Volumez listing in the AWS Marketplace, users can access its SaaS service to compose direct Linux-based data paths via a simple declarative interface for Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) environments and AWS AMI instances.

This disruptive approach bypasses traditional storage controllers, thereby enabling significantly higher and predictable throughput of up to 2 million IOPS and 144 microseconds low latency, per volume. Volumez provides a scalable approach that maximizes existing compute power and enables fast provisioning for Kubernetes environments, up to 20 volumes in less than 40 seconds for multiple volumes with fast snapshots. As a result, applications can be scaled quickly in the cloud with enterprise-quality performance exceeding on-premises capabilities.

“Our unique, patented AWS-aware architecture catapults AWS workloads into a new level of performance with a dramatic shift in cloud economics; it makes AWS the compelling environment for data-intensive applications or aggregating large numbers of workloads,” said John Blumenthal, Volumez chief product and business officer.  “Our composability service produces predictable data infrastructure scale and cost without compromise.”

About Volumez 

Volumez innovates next generation cloud native storage that helps companies realize the true potential of their data.  With its patented controller-less architecture, Volumez tackles latency and scalability challenges by establishing direct Linux data paths, ensuring exceptional performance and resiliency.  Through cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, Volumez offers comprehensive solutions that streamline data workflows, enhance data quality, and drive informed decision-making. Discover more at Volumez.com