Volumez expands collaboration with Amazon Web Services and joins ISV Accelerate Program

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New program will enable customers to migrate performance-intensive workloads to AWS without compromises.

SAN FRANCISCO – April 16, 2024 – Volumez, a revolutionary modern cloud data infrastructure company, has expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. The program helps partners drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting the participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization.

Volumez is a new block storage composition service for databases and other data-intensive applications in AWS that combines ultra-fast, guaranteed performance with significant cost savings. So, whether you are migrating legacy SQL Server and Oracle databases or considering refactoring your Oracle database to PostgreSQL in AWS, this composable data service boosts database performance by 10X while reducing cloud costs by 30%. It delivers “data infrastructure as code” and automates storage management to reduce risks, control costs, and accelerate application deployment.

“Migrating transactional databases and other critical workloads to the AWS Cloud has given organizations agility, the flexibility to scale resources on demand, and greater speed of innovation. But migrating these workloads in many instances comes with compromises, requiring you to choose between performance, availability, and cost”, stated John Blumenthal, chief product and business officer at Volumez. “With Volumez, you can confidently rationalize migrating your databases to AWS to deliver guaranteed performance for a 10X faster transactional throughput, 100% availability at 30% cost savings, enabling you to meet your price / performance and workload modernization objectives. With Volumez, your databases on AWS run faster and cost less than any alternative storage solution.”

Volumez is based on a composable data infrastructure architecture, which connects database servers directly to media over the network with NVMe-over-TCP. Volumez eliminates storage controllers from the data path, instead composing a Linux-based storage stack for each database instance directly on its server. The result is exceptionally low latency, high IOPS, and enterprise-grade data services, including snapshots, thin provisioning, encryption-in-flight, and multi-zone resilience. Together, Volumez and AWS provide a powerful combination for cloud migration of data-intensive workloads without compromises to enable customers to harness their operational data at scale. Volumez maximizes existing AWS environments like Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and AWS AMI instances.

“We needed to provide SQL database as a service offerings in multiple clouds with high performance and low latency at a low cost,” said Scott Gnau, VP of data platforms, InterSystems. “Volumez on AWS enabled us to deliver service with up to 50% total cost savings, achieving benchmarks of 1M IOPS and 300 microseconds of latency with SQLaaS. Volumez provides enterprise-grade data services like thin provisioning, snapshots, replication, zero disruptions, and linear scalability which form the industry standard for our cloud database as a service offering in the AWS Cloud.”

Volumez subscription and Private Offer offerings are available now in the AWS Marketplace.

About Volumez

Volumez is a revolutionary composable data infrastructure company businesses employ to realize the true potential of their data. With its innovative controller-less architecture, Volumez tackles latency and scalability challenges by establishing direct Linux data paths, ensuring exceptional performance and resiliency. Driven by cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, Volumez offers comprehensive solutions that streamline data workflows, enhance data quality, and drive informed decision-making. Discover more at volumez.com.