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High performance computing (HPC) environments are the nerve center in Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Energy, Finance, and other data-driven sectors. As HPC platforms transition from traditional IT to shared cloud, delivering performance, reliability, and predictability is an increasing challenge as I/O becomes the bottleneck. That’s where Volumez comes in, offering you a powerful solution. By eliminating I/O bottlenecks and preventing wasteful resource over-provisioning, Volumez drives productivity for your engineering and scientific teams, enabling remarkable efficiency across your organization.
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Accelerate your HPC workflows with shorter job completion times and predictable performance. Volumez controller-less architecture guarantees performance and eliminates unpredictable job completion times due to I/O contention of shared storage resources.


Reduce the cost per job by maximizing utilization of compute cores. Volumez drives CPU utilization with a direct, isolated data path per compute node that delivers network line-speed throughput.


Advance scientific innovation with composable data infrastructure that just works. Volumez integrates with traditional and new schedulers, including Slurm, Torque, Kubernetes, and KubeFlux, enabling instant save/load of state data and reducing lost productivity due to out-of-sync and job reruns.

Volumez Direct Media Architecture

HPC Diagram

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