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As organizations shift workload from traditional IT environments to the cloud, databases remain one of the most complex components of the tech stack to architect and operate. Databases are highly sensitive to IO tail latency, and traditional cloud infrastructure typically cannot deliver the microsecond latency needed for a great user experience. Volumez is an exceptionally good fit for cloud databases, providing mission-critical reliability and granular QoS that gives DBAs and DevOps precise control of IO performance.

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Run your most demanding database applications in the cloud with industry-leading performance. Volumez quality-of-service guarantees performance and eliminates the noisy neighbor problem in shared cloud environments.


Protect your critical databases with extreme resilience. Volumez puts control of storage resilience directly in the hands of DevOps who simply specify the number of simultaneous media, server, and zone failures your data needs to be resilient against. Volumez self-healing architecture continuously monitors your data paths and responds instantly to cloud infrastructure failures, keeping your critical applications online.


Innovate faster with cloud-native agility. Every Volumez data path includes enterprise-grade data services with the same features, performance, and API in every cloud and data center. Lightning-fast snapshots enable sophisticated multi-zone, multi-region, and multi-cloud deployment strategies that keeps your infrastructure moving at DevOps speed.

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