New Moor Insights & Strategy Report: Volumez Composable Infrastructure Performance and Ease of Use Are Astonishing in Managing Cloud Workloads

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Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) has released a new report “Composable Data Infrastructure in the Digitally Transformed Enterprise” to assess the state of composable infrastructure and the Volumez approach to revolutionizing data delivery.

Composable infrastructure, or CI, abstracts compute, storage and networking and manages them as resource pools via software. Matt Kimball, vice president and principal analyst, datacenter and storage at MI&S, writes that an unprecedented amount of new data is being created continually, along with legacy data scattered on- and off-premise.

The effective management and delivery of all this data needs a modernized architecture that focuses not on configurations and hardware but on outcomes and desired states.

According to Kimball, CI fills three critical needs: driving operational velocity, enabling faster innovation in software to pool resources and allowing organizations to fully leverage pricey CPU and GPU resources more fully.

But even with previous CI offerings, organizations still struggle with latency and resiliency in the cloud; indirect data paths that lead to lags in performance; and proprietary vendor solutions that are costly.

As Kimball explains, the Volumez solution as a service approach offers a novel approach that creates a direct, Linux-based data path between data and applications, offering unparalleled performance up to 1.5 million IOPS per volume with 300 microseconds of latency and 12 gigabytes/second throughput. Performance can scale because of the direct data path.

Volumez’ approach, called a “new class of data management services” in the report, also creates simplicity, scalability, predictability and resilience. MI&S reports that the performance was demonstrated, and ease of use was astonishing and addresses workloads including Kubernetes, public cloud, cloud databases, AI and machine learning and HPC.

In summary, MI&S says Volumez delivers an impressive value addressing scalability, resilience, performance and predictability. The paper goes on to summarize, “For enterprise organizations operating in the cloud, the advanced capabilities of composable data infrastructure translates into enhanced customer experience with more responsive applications, faster time to market for delivering new products and features to customers, and ultimately, competitive advantage.”

Read the full report here and learn more about Volumez and its technology here.