Volumez CEO and The French Storage Podcast: Volumez is Radical Innovation for Cloud

The French Storage Podcast recently interviewed Volumez CEO Amir Faintuch about the evolving storage industry, the rise and issues of cloud computing and what Volumez is doing to bridge the gap between traditional and new ways to manage and store data. Faintuch noted that he recently joined the Israel-based startup, attracted by its radical innovation […]

New Moor Insights & Strategy Report: Volumez Composable Infrastructure Performance and Ease of Use Are Astonishing in Managing Cloud Workloads

Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) has released a new report “Composable Data Infrastructure in the Digitally Transformed Enterprise” to assess the state of composable infrastructure and the Volumez approach to revolutionizing data delivery. Composable infrastructure, or CI, abstracts compute, storage and networking and manages them as resource pools via software. Matt Kimball, vice president and […]

Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion

While the cloud may be eating the world, it is not digesting storage very well.  Cloud providers apply significant innovation to compute, memory, and networking — compelling reasons for running workloads on their platforms – but they languish when it comes to storage.  Using traditional controller approaches to shared infrastructure they attempt to deliver performance […]